Pick Up and Delivery

Pick Up and Delivery Options

A+ Fence Pipe Sales can accommodate orders for:
Small and large shipments
Split-sized shipments
Semi-truck shipments

Call Matt at 303-888-0819 to discuss delivery options and prices.

Delivery Requirements
A+ Fence Pipe Sales requires that you have adequate room for semi-trucks to access site. You’ll also need a forklift and operator to unload Semi trailers

Pick Up Requirements

Trailer minimum of 28′ long to haul pipe and minimum of 20′ long to haul rods.
You must have at least six to eight straps and or chains to safely secure each load.

Pipe is heavy, so please make sure your tires are in good condition.

Semi-Trailer Requirements

Empty weight must be less than 32,000 lbs. 

Semi-trailers must have four pipe stakes that extend a minimum of 3′ above the deck and the stakes must be chained with a binder.
You must have enough boards for the load requirements. Boards are available for $10 each.

Full semi-loads weigh 47,500-47,800 lbs.

Please contact Matt Young at 303-888-0819 to discuss pickup and delivery details.