Wire/Galvanized Panels

Wire mesh rolls on wooden pallets, construction material.

Wire Fencing Specs

12-1/2″ 2 point barbed wire 1320’ per roll
12-1/2″ smooth twisted wire 1320’ per roll

Max Tight field fence wire 2” x 4” spacing
10-1/2″ top and bottom wire
12 gauge middle wires

Max tight wire stocked in
4’x100’ rolls
4’x200’ rolls
5’x200’ rolls
6’x100’ rolls
6’x200’ rolls

Great For Use In Livestock Fence Applications

Galvanized Panels
2” x 4” spacing
We offer
4’ x 16’ 4gauge and 6gauge
5’ x 16’ 4gauge and 6 gauge
4’ x 20’ 4 gauge and 6gauge
5’ x 20’ 4gauge and 6 gauge

Metal wire fence at a construction site.

We offer SPLICE IT wire splices